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Love Story Makes

Inspired by the meaning and memories that certain clothes hold, we design and hand make quilts and keepsakes from your most loved, precious items. 

Patch-worked beautifully, these pieces evoke memories.

Reading like a story, they map out specIal moments from the chapters of our lives.


Our aim is to create bespoke, joy filled heirlooms for you and your loved ones to treasure.


A fantastic quilt! Superb quality and artistic eye for laying out the clothes….

Such attention to detail

Anda, UK

We make


The artistry and heritage in the craft of quilting is undeniable. 

Quilts have always captured a moment in time, their makers’ resourcefully gathering materials and creating, with love, these useful yet beautiful objects. 

Here at Love Story Makes, we believe quilts provide the perfect medium to literally wrap yourself up in your memories. Bringing colour and cheer to the home. 

We take our time to ensure buttons, pockets and other precious details from your clothes are included in the design.


Our quilts are made using traditional techniques with hand closed binding and 100% cotton backing.


We also make


Smaller but no less meaningful, we create our keepsake items with the same Love Story care and eye for design.

Perhaps you have a single favourite item to transform or just a small collection of treasured textiles.

From a range of cushions in varying sizes to memory bears, blankets and beyond. We at Love Story Makes are always open to work with your ideas to create your perfect memory keepsake. 


They are a joy! Once again you haven’t failed to make the most of the colours and textures of the fabrics.
I love your mixing and matching and have enjoyed recalling the memories each fabric has prompted

Berry, UK

How we work

Love Story Makes - How we work

step 1

Tell us about what you'd like

If you need help deciding on a product, size or finish then feel free to contact us. We are always happy to take inspiration from your collection of items.

step 2

Send us your materials

Choosing what to include can be tricky. Our advice is, send through what you LOVE. The more items the better, to give us the choice to make your memory make sing!


Please make sure the clothes are washed and any ‘must include’ favourite pieces clearly identified. 

Love Story Makes - How we work - example materials
Love Story Makes - How we work

step 3 

We'll work our magic

Now the fun starts! We will always bring out the best of what we’re given. Working as closely with you as you’d like, we’ll send regular updates whilst we sew your memories. This collaboration creates a bespoke item you’ll truly love. 

step 4 

We'll send your new favourite item

Love Story Made! Your bundle of memories is returned to its forever home.

Many of our makes can be washed by hand or on a gentle hand wash cycle in the machine. 

Our hope is that your item brings you joy and that you love it as much as we’ve loved making it. 

Love Story Makes - How we work
How we work
About us
Becky Sheen @ LoveStoryMakes


Hi, I'm Becky

My background in Textile Design is where I developed a flair for combining colours, textures and fabrics. With a passion for up-cycling and repurposing, I have always sewn and love making!

Another love is for my two wonderful girls. It was their first clothes, impossible to part with, full of memories and marking the passing of time that inspired me to make my first keepsakes. 

As these boxes of clothes bulged, the more I asked around, the more I realised that I wasn’t facing a hoarding problem (!) This was an attachment shared by others. As parents, we are the curators of these childhood memories. What better way to celebrate than by sewing them together to tell the tale of the times we’ve shared.

One of my first commissions was for a family who had recently lost their dear grandfather. Making a collection of bears and cushions from clothes he used to wear brought comfort and gave them something tangible to evoke happy memories.


It is always an honour and a joy to work alongside clients during these meaningful moments and through patchwork tell the story of their lives. 

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